Kingdom Hearts’ Sora Coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Hailing from the Kingdom Hearts series of games, the protagonist Sora will make his way to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Sora uses a number of powerful, combo-based attacks with his Keyblade. He also has the ability to use magic like Firaga, Thundaga and Blizzaga spells, and his Final Smash is called “Sealing the Keyhole.” The stage Hollow Bastion will also be included.

Note that a new Spirit Board starring characters from Kingdom Hearts like Riku, Kairi and Roxas will also be included.

Learn more with the trailer below:

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – The Last Key

According to Nick Chavez, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Communications:

“Having a fan-favorite character like Sora join the ranks of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the perfect way to close out the Fighters Pass expansions. With a dozen fighters added since the game launched, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate now boasts 86 total fighters spanning the entire history of video games, giving players an unprecedented amount of gameplay choices and options.”

Source: Press Release
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