Kingdom: The Blood Playtest Now Available

From now through December 11, players will be able to take part in a playtest for Action Square’s Soulslike RPG Kingdom: The Blood.

Timed to coincide during the developer’s Steam Fest, this serves as the second installment in Action Square’s online event. Players will be able to dive in on both the PC via Steam and via the Google Play Store.

Straight from the developer, scope out the full list of modes below:

– Main Mode – Kingdom: The Blood’s single-player narrative, through Chapter 7
Players who complete Chapter 5 will be eligible for costume coupons, Steam vouches, Google gift cards and more courtesy of Action Square. For more details, see the Action Square Steam Fest page
– Raid Mode (Unlocked at level 9) – four-player cooperative online PVE
– Training Mode (Unlocked at level 13) – A variety of undertakings, all playable with one or two players:
– Stronghold – Defending a castle gate against hordes of zombies
– Boss – Bosses from story mode are replayable with new attack patterns
– Horde – Large group fights against human-like enemies wielding weapons
– Elite – One-on-one showdowns against bosses with complex patterns
– Clash Mode (Unlocked at level 21) – 1-on-1 online PVP duels to the death

Learn more with the boss trailer for Kingdom: The Blood below:

Kingdom: The Blood – Boss Trailer

Based on the K-drama Kingdom, Kingdom: The Blood recreates Korea’s Joseon Dynasty, fine-tuning everything from character movements to building design.

Source: Press Release
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