King’s Quest A Knight To Remember Isn’t Working On Playstation 4

King's Quest A Knight To Remember Isn't Working On Playstation 4

Welcome to the digital age of gaming! Here we are, one hour after King’s Quest A Knight To Remember is supposed to be up and it is unplayable. You are told to download a patch that doesn’t exist!

King’s Quest A Knight To Remember Isn’t Working On Playstation 4

So I just got out of the shower and was ready to play some King’s Quest when the game told me I needed an update to play. I checked for an update and I am told I have the latest version. So I did some checking online to see if I was the only one with the issue.

You can find a the thread on NeoGAF here showing others suffering from the same issue. Apparently this also happen with the game Grim Fandango when it launched also. So far we haven’t gotten word from Sony or Sierra as to what is going on.

Hopefully it will be fixed soon since I am itching to try this game out. I am not sure if it is working on Xbox one or not. This type of stuff makes me really excited for a digital only future.

EDIT – After doing some more checking it turns out this is only effecting those of use who bought the season pass. For some you are only registered as having episodes 2-5 and not 1. We will have to wait for an update from Sony later to play. If you are really desperate you can still buy the first episode for 10$ and play.

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