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The Last Of Us Remastered Gets Lower Price

The Last Of Us Remastered Gets Lower Price

At E3 2014 we got a release date for The Last Of Us Remastered and this weekend we got a price reduction. The Last Of Us Remastered is now 50$ instead of the original 60$ it started out at. Check out more details on the price reduction below.

Remastered Edition Gets Price Cut

The 10$ price cut came this weekend the week after E3. Customers who pre ordered at Gamestop or on Amazon already got refunded the extra 10$ they spent on the game originally. Sony customers are still waiting for their money to come via PSN. People worried that they might not get their money back from Sony but then Sony said you should get your money back within 5-7 days via Twitter.

The Last Of Us Remastered will come with all the DLC the game had plus it will have improved visuals on the PlayStation 4. On the PlayStation 3 right now you can buy the game for 30$ and get all the DLC for 20$ which is likely what prompted the price cut in the first place. Improved graphics are great but really you can easily enjoy it on the PlayStation 3 just as easily. Still no word on if those of us who bought the game digitally on the PlayStation 3 will have the chance to upgrade to the PlayStation 4 version for cheaper or not. July is a very slow month for games so at least we have this to look forward too!

Look for The Last Of Us Remastered edition to hit PSN and stores on July 29th.

Source: PS Store

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