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League Of Legends Reveals Braum, The Heart Of Freljord

League Of Legends Reveals Braum, The Heart Of Freljord

Riot revealed the newest champion to join the league, Braum, The Heart of Freljord. Hailing from the harsh enviroment of Freljord Braum brings a large shield and support of his people into battle. Check out the details on Braum.


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Braum is best played in the bottom lane as a support. Hes has a slow, shield that can block a hit, and a buff that gives his ally some armor and magic resist based off how much Braum has. His ultimate is him slamming his shield into the ground and sending a ice blast at you that damages and knocks up any enemy it hits. His passive might be hit best move. You start a stack of concussion on an enemy you and your allies can add stacks until four and the enemy becomes stunned. Remember Braum has to start the concussion and after an enemy is stunned he will be immune to the debuff for awhile.

Braum works well with Ashe, Caitlyn, and Ezreal due to ranged skillshots and Ashe’s slow. Braum is weak against Zyra, due to her plants and root, Vayne, due to her knock back and ability to tumble quickly, and Lulu, due to her slow and polymorph. Of course you should expect a few bad Braums when he first comes out just like with every other champion.

You can get the all the details on Braum on the official League Of Legends page, here.

So will you be picking up Braum or will you be waiting for the next champion? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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