League of Legends at DreamHack Summer 2011

League of Legends is a game based on a custom map for World of Warcraft 3, where you are a summoner controlling one of the 5 or 3 champions in your team. The goal of the game is to defend your base, while you attack the enemy base and bring it down. Like I mentioned before the game is played either 3v3 or 5v5. You can join the game alone, or you can bring your friends and team up with them.

The Teams
There has been a series of competitions around the world for this event at Dreamhack, which in fact is the Season One World Championship Finals. There will be 8 teams competing from all over the world, 3 from Europe, 3 from America, and 2 from Asia.

From Europe:
against All authority (France)
fnaticMSI (Europe)
gamed!de (Germany)

From USA:
Team SoloMid
Epik Gaming
Counter Logic Gaming

From Asia:
Xan (Singapore)
Team Pacific (Philippines)

Riot has made an own website for the championship, where you can find the groups and more information about the different teams.
Read all about it here:  Season One Championship

Another big thing happening this weekend is the new spectator function for League of Legends will be revealed, and used at DreamHack!

Blaine Smith

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