Leak Confirms Worst Fears For Xbox One – Second Hand Gamers Getting Screwed

All the latest happenings from Microsoft And The Xbox One
A leak has just emerged that confirms Xbox One will have heavy protocols in place to force retailers to offer the maximum of a 10% discount on pre-owned games. The Xbox One giants will enforce the 90% of the original RRP pricing suggested by the leak from one of the largest video-game retailers in the UK.

UPDATE: Microsoft have confirmed that his leak is indeed fake.

The source revealed that retailers will not have any control over the future pricing of second hand titles, a massive shock to consumers that are used to discounts between 10% and 50% for pre-owned titles.

[testimonials user=” email=” name=” position=” photo=”]With the new Xbox One being announced this week, Microsoft have stated that each game will use a code that locks it to the owner’s account – giving the tech giant complete control over the second hand games market. Such control has been widely speculated but no specifics have been released until now.

Owner of ConsoleDeals.co.uk Phil Jones, who initially leaked the news on their blog said “the second hand games market has been struggling to survive for the past decade; this leak, which we believe to be true, is the final nail in the coffin.” he went on to say “We were all expecting the worst and we got the worst – I’m shocked that Microsoft is taking this decision”

Prior to the leak, Microsoft were quick to counter-act initial speculation at the Xbox One launch event, stating that they had a trade-in plan in place, and would reveal more about it at 2013’s E3 convention. This news comes as further disappointment following the new console’s luke-warm reception earlier in the week.[/testimonials]

What else does this mean? Well it has also been confirmed that each game will have a CD-Key attached that works in a similar way to the PC games of today. This means no more lending or borrowing games between friends and those looking to do anything online could be forced to purchase an additional code if playing a pre-owned game.

Expect more news in coming weeks.

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