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Rigid-Soft Studios today revealed additional details for the upcoming pre-release Twitch livestream event for the upcoming indie zombie-based survival MMO, Lifeless. Yesterday the developers announced that fans of the survival genre will have the opportunity to sample the games list of unique features ahead of next Monday’s release with an exciting selection of livestream events this Saturday, August 23rd.

We can now confirm that streams will begin from 9AM BST/3AM EST and will take place across multiple Twitch.TV channels. We at Gamers Heroes are excited to announce that we have been given the opportunity to participate in this early stream opportunity and will be launching our livesteam at 9AM Saturday morning, on our Twitch.TV channel. Several other channels have also been given permission to join in on the event, most of which belong to the Markee Dragon network.

We have also heard from a source close to the development team that Lifeless will include an exclusive streaming feature that promises to add an entirely new level of immersion for streamers and their followers. We reached out for confirmation or any additional details but have yet to receive a response. We’ll keep you posted.

If you’re not familiar with the upcoming zombie MMO, there’s a myriad of features that promises to help distinguish Lifeless from the long list of competitors in the survival genre. First up is the ability to discover abandoned buildings scattered throughout the game world that you can turn into your own personal accommodation, using the in-game crafting system to create a deadly variety of traps and powerful fortifications to keep other players – and hordes of the undead, at a safe distance.

Another area that many zombie-related games seem to avoid is character progression – and I’m happy to say Lifeless is not one of them. Players will earn experience points through a variety of in-game activities including scavenging, hunting zombies, interacting with other players and crafting, all of which allows players to increase in level and unlock Skill Points that can be spent on a variety of character traits.

Be sure to check the official Twitch game page and the Gamers Heroes livestream this Saturday at 9AM BST for your chance to get a real-time demonstration of Lifeless.

The game launches on Monday, August 25th, and is currently available to pre-order on the official website priced at $25.

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