Little Nightmares III Co-Op Gameplay Video Released

The team at Supermassive Games and Bandai Namco have released a new 18-minute co-op gameplay video for Little Nightmares III.

A first for the series, Little Nightmares III will feature online co-op that lets players take on the role of Low or Alone. Note that the title is also fully playable in single player, with AI controlling the second character.

Whether going solo or with a friend, players will enter the world of Spiral. A cluster of disturbing and dangerous places, a number of signature elements from the series will make their appearance.

One of these locations is the depths of The Necropolis, which is filled with a variety of different perils. This peculiar place was raised from the desert sands and is powered by gusting winds, described by its inhabitants as a city of eternal energy and certain death. Be warned though; this area used to be inhabited by the Dwellers.

See this area for yourself with the 18 minute co-op trailer below:

Little Nightmares III – The Necropolis: 2-Player Co-op Gameplay Walkthrough

For those who’d like to immerse themselves in the Little Nightmares universe ahead of this release, the six-episode podcast The Sounds of Nightmares is also available. This series tells an original story about the young girl Noone, who is committed to the Counties Psychiatric Institute to overcome her nightmares. Helped by the Counsellor Otto, both Otto’s past and the source of Noone’s nightmares will intertwine. All episodes can be found on the official website.

Source: Press Release
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