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2K Announces Mafia III Coming in 2016. The trailer shows the new character you will be playing and also shows the location you will be in for the game. Looks like we will be tossing bodies to the gators in this one!

Mafia 3 takes place in re-imagined New Orleans during 1968. The Italian mob has set up shop here, controlling illegal gambling, drugs and prostitution. They also have the corrupt police and officials that they pay off to turn a blind eye to their activities. You will be going up against the Italian mob in Mafia 3.

This time you will play as Lincoln Clay who was in the Vietnam war. When he returns from the war he is looking for a place to call home. He finds a home in the city’s black mob. While working for the mob, he and his new family is betrayed by the Italian mob during a job. This sets Clay off and he is hell bent on getting revenge for his new family. This is ultimately leads to a heated battle for control between the black mob and the Italian mob.

During the story players will get make various choices on allies and how to approach certain missions. The idea is to build up your Mob and take over the city, one step at a time. The player will have to make key choices that will affect the whole city and the future outcome of the story. Killing someone might make you happy, but it could make the city go against you.

[testimonials user=” email=” name=’Christoph Hartmann, president of 2K’ position=” photo=”]“Mafia III continues the strong franchise tradition of a captivating story set in the treacherous and calculated world of organized crime. Mafia III captures Hangar 13’s mantra of ‘every player story is unique’ through a cinematic narrative that responds to player choice.”[/testimonials] [testimonials user=” email=” name=’Haden Blackman, studio head and creative director at Hanger 13′ position=” photo=”]“The Mafia franchise is known for its immersive sense of time and place, and for presenting compelling stories about life within organized crime. In Mafia III, we are introducing players to an unexpected new anti-hero and an iconic city to explore, all within a hard-boiled drama set during one of the most turbulent years in American history.”[/testimonials]
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