Manor Lords Launching April 26

The team at Slavic Magic and Hooded Horse announced that Manor Lords will launch on April 26, 2024.

A medieval strategy game, Manor Lords features in-depth city building, large-scale tactical battles, and complex economical and social simulations as players take charge of their people. Players will be tasked with growing their starting village into a bustling city as they manage resources and production chains, and expand their lands through conquest.

Art and architecture of late 14th century Franconia served as a major inspiration for Manor Lords, with historical accuracy being a major focus in lieu of tired medieval tropes. This, in turn, makes the development team feel the title is more authentic, colorful, and believable.

A number of resources can be found in Manor Lords’ map, encouraging players to expand and establish multiple specialized settlements. While one can extract valuable resources and take advantage of agricultural benefits, unchecked expansion has a direct effect on the environment.

Just be warned that competing ambitions between the player and neighboring lords eventually leads to conflict. One will lead their loyal subjects into battle, but note that every death is a personal one. This, in turn, can damage the economy or lead to food shortages.

Learn more with the release date reveal for the game below:

Manor Lords | Release Date Reveal Trailer

The game will come out for the PC via Steam, GOG, and PC Game Pass, with a console release date coming at a later time.

Source: Press Release
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