Marauders Sees 30 Million Raids Milestone

The team at Team17 and Small Impact Games announced that hardcore PvPvE looter shooter Marauders has seen players jump into 30 million raids since the game’s Steam Early Access launch beginning in October.

Looking at the data, Small Impact Games stated that Sten is the most looted weapon. Meanwhile, raids have on average seen players gain four kills before escaping or being killed. Marauders has seen lone wolf players make up 59% of raids, while over 9.2 million health reviving bandages have been looted.

A new patch for the game brings the EM-2 rifle and Webley Revolver to the game. Other quality-of-life improvements to Marauders include map cycling, additional airlocks across all maps to ease player congestion, mission specific XP for Breacher Pod kills, a toggle lean option, and a field-of-view slider.

Learn more about the upcoming “Ace” with the video below:

Marauders | Update 1 “Ace” Teaser

Source: Press Release
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