Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth Kinect Impressions


Comic-Con is always a wonderful time of the year for the nerd side of me in particular. Tons of stories about Marvel, DC and the whole nerd culture gets inflamed by 10 fold. Tons of good releases and trailers came out this year but one of them stands out to me. Marvel the Avengers Battle for the Earth is a Kinect enabled Xbox 360 title.

Marvel Avengers Comic-Con 2012 Trailer

The games has tons of characters and stages to fight on. The interesting thing about this game is not the characters or the background, but that it will be available for Kinect. Smashing with Hulk or hammer throwing with Thor will be done by waves of the arm rather than the pushing of a button. In the fighting genre, where a game is based on the how well you perform amazing combos, can this title really do well?

Can the Kinect really handle a fighter? I don’t really think so. The Kinect is a step forward in technology, for sure, but it is still the first iteration. A lot of developers try to use this great technology on the promises of Microsoft that the Kinect can just not deliver on yet. I have a hard time enough already trying to pull off gaming moves. I don’t need a Kinect to misinterpret the moves I want to make on top of me not knowing what to do!

On the other hand this game could not be for me, but a whole separate crowd all together. The Marvel Universe has expanded back into the younger crowd of kids with the popularity of the Marvel movies like Iron Man, Thor and the Avengers. The young kids are again hyped up about these action heroes and for good reason! Maybe this game is for the younger crowd. If you would have told me when I was 10 that I could play around and Hulk smash my favorite characters from the comics I love I would have been ecstatic. Check out some screenshots that my inner 10 year old would love of the new game!

So what do you guys think? Is this game for you? Do you think the Kinect is competent enough to handle a fighter?

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