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Mass Effect 3 Rebellion Pack Release Info

Mass Effect 3 Rebellion pack wallpaper

The newest free addition to Mass Effect 3

In a post from the BioWare Blog they outlined details for the new Mass Effect 3 Rebelion Pack DLC for multiplayer and it seems like it is going to be a juicy upgrade. Although people may still be waiting for DLC to finish the single player story due to the outcry over the ending the multiplayer material may hold over some fans for a while. The new update has new characters, maps, weapons and a new in game event. The new DLC will be available on May 29th and is completly free of charge.

New Characters

The Vorcha will now be playable.
The Vorcha will now be playable.

The new Rebellion pack will add six new characters including:

  • Vorcha Soldier
  • Vorcha Sentinel
  • Male Quarian Engineer
  • Male Quarian Infiltrator
  • Ex-Cerberus Vanguard
  • Ex-Cerberus Adept

The blog post that can be found here has little blurbs about each character set and why they are a good fit for the class and blah blah blah. The main point to take away from these character lists is if you like multiplayer Mass Effect 3 they are rolling out new characters to play with as well as a few new abilities that can keep you interested for a little bit longer. The lash ability for Ex-Cerberus Vangaurds looks kind of interesting and playing as the Vorcha may be pretty different switching up the multiplayer for a much needed refresh.

New Objective

Mass Effect 3 lash attack
New lash attack for a new character

Included in the DLC will be a new event in mission. During one of the event waves players will have a package that they must pick up and take to a designated drop off point. The player that picks up the package acts as an effective point for people to rally around and protect. I have not played the package yet but hopefully there is no annoying reset if the player is put down while carrying the package. Either way the new event should spice up the multiplayer a little bit and I will be checking it out soon.

New Maps

New Characters and new map in Mass Effect 3 DLC
Awesome new characters at a new map.

The new DLC will include two new maps for players to join forces on. The first is in a Salarian STG base called Firebase Jade. The lush ground is sure to look amazing and bring a new look that is more than overdue. The second map is called Firebase Goddess that takes place in Thessia bringing players back to the home world of the Asari that was a short level during the single player campaign. I wish more time was spent during the single player campaign on this land as it is beautiful and worth a multiplayer map,

New Weapons

Mass Effect 3 announcement 3
New weapons are more fun.

The new DLC unlocks 3 new weapons to upgrade and use. These weapons include the Cerberus Harrier Assault Rifle, Reegar Carbine Shotgun and the Krysae Sniper Rifle. The new assault rifle acts like a Mattock single shot rifle that is automatic. The assault rifle has a little bit of a kick but overall is effective. The new shotgun acts as a better arc pistol. Electrical currents are more powerful and stick around a little longer to unload more damage on enemies. The new sniper rifle is what I am most excited for. The rounds are supposedly armor piercing and explosive with a scope that changes depending on how far or close an enemy is. Hopefully I can get these weapons in some special weekend events so I can start checking them out.

New Gear Spot

Ever felt sick of sinking equipment into slots that just get used up in one go? The new gear spot will be a spot where permanent upgrades for characters can be dropped and used effectively. These new upgrades can enhance a specific player or weapons and can be a game changer in how a person chooses to play a class.

Trailer & End Thoughts

The good news is all of the update is free. The bad news is all of the equipment, gear spot stuff and weapons come from the reinforcement packs that are starting to get really annoying for me. I would rather pay $5 to get an upgraded sniper rifle than hope in a roulette to get the gear and weapons that I want. If you have Mass Effect 3 and want to expand your multiplayer experience check out the trailer and hit up your DLC carrier to get the free expansion.

Mass Effect 3 Rebellion Trailer


So what do you guys think about Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer? Do you like how they have handled the unlock system? Hit us up in the comments!

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