Massive Sales – Up To Half Price On Aliens: Colonial Marines, Dead Space 3, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance And More

Massive Game Sale - Aliens Colonial Marines
We live in a competitive time, and very few industries are as competitive as the video-game retail industry. Brick and mortar competing with cutting edge technology and digital distribution platforms, all the while gamers scour the internet on a daily basis attempting to find that next killer deal. Well great news for all you bargain hunters, we’ve found some of the cheapest deals around on some of the best upcoming titles.

Whether you’re searching for a cheap copy of Dead Space 3 or a half priced copy of the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines; we’ve got you covered.

We’ve searched high and low to find you guys some of the hottest deals for upcoming games. We’ve found some good savings on Hitman HD Trilogy, a few quid off Dead Space 3 and Alien Colonial Marines for under half the price featured on Steam. For more information check the links below:

Hitman HD Trilogy
PS3 – £17.85
Xbox 360 – £17.85

Deadspace 3
PS3 – £36.85
Xbox 360 – £36.85

Aliens colonial marines

Limited Edition PS3 – £32.85
Limited Edition Xbox 360 – £32.85 –
Limited Edition PC – £19.85

Metal Gear Solid Rising Revengeance

PS3 – £32.85
Xbox 360 – £32.85

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