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Meet the Next Wii U Mario Title

3d mario world wii u
Nintendo announced during their E3 direct that they will have a new 3D Mario game called Super Mario 3D World coming for the Wii U. Coming off the backs of Super Mario 3D Land for the 3DS, this new game will feature worlds with a similar view to the 3DS title. The game will also feature 4 player co-op for all kinds of multiplayer fun. The game will come out in December this year.

The multiplayer seems to be a little deeper than super of the New Super Mario Bros. titles. Players will pick between Mario, Toad, Princess Peach and Luigi. Each of the characters has a different feel, different jump and something unique to them as opposed to the cookie cutter Mario characters of some of the titles in the past.

There also will be a new power up that is confirmed for the new title. The new power up is some sort of golden bell that turns Mario into a cat version of himself. This Cat Mario can scratch, climb walls, and pounce on enemies. We will make sure to get a hands on play at the Microsoft booth later today and post up some impressions. You at home can also visit the Nintendo website and find a Best Buy near you to play the game. For anything else Wii U or E3 related, keep it here on Gamers Heroes!


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