Microsoft Connects With Consumers About Kinect

Microsoft again has reversed it’s ideas about the Xbox One and this time it has to do with the Kinect Sensor. When the Xbox One was revealed, Microsoft also revealed that the Kinect 2.0 would have to be plugged in all of the time for players to enjoy the system. Recently on an IGN AMA it was announced this is no longer true. The Xbox One will be able to function with the Kinect unplugged.

This is huge news to a lot of people and Microsoft seems to keep the good news coming for consumers. They have already backtracked on their always on policy with used games, revealed 4K resolution games in the Xbox One’s future and showed in their unboxing video that the system will come with a headset despite previous reports. All of these things leads to winning hearts and minds in the console race.

Removing the Kinect sensor of course does remove a couple of the features that the Xbox One boasted about during the reveal. Obviously there will be no voice recognition or visual player recognition when the Kinect is removed. This does however, leave the door open for different bundles of the Xbox One later in the cycle. Just think how big the news could be if Microsoft were to announce a cheaper bundle for $399.99 without Kinect, matching the PS4’s price model.

All of the talk of a cheaper Xbox One is of course just speculation, but it makes the console race even more interesting. Also this news quells consumers fears about what would happen if the Kinect gets damaged or stolen. The real question, is what do you think? Does this news make you want the Xbox One more? What do you think of Microsoft backtracking on so many details of the system? Sound off in the comments below and be heard.

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