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Microsoft E3 Press Conference Live

microsoft press confrence
Xbox One and Microsoft have been at the center of controversy the past couple of weeks. Speculation has been squashed and we now know the system will have to be connected once every 24 hours to play video games. So what does this mean for the E3 Press Conference? It’s time for Microsoft to bring out all of the big guns and try to justify to us why this system has to be online. Join the Gamers Heroes staff at 9:30 PT for a Live Blog and viewing of the Microsoft E3 Press Conference live from LA. We will describe all of the sights, sounds and smells of the conference floor. As usual we will try to put the video up here to go along with our live blog, but if the video is not available you can find the conference on Spike TV, Xbox Live or Xbox.com. Check out Gamers Heroes on Twitch later after the show for a full live wrap up.

Microsoft E3 Press Conference Live Blog Updates:


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