Mini DayZ 2 Now Available

The loot n shoot world of Bohemia Interactive’s Mini DayZ 2 is now available on Android and iOS devices.

This hardcore multiplayer zombie survival F2P game will give players the chance to explore a 2D sprite world that pays host to old-school pixel art. Its world features a ivilization has collapsed and the end times are here. Its throwback look will be paired with modern shooter-looter and base-building mechanics.

Featuring thousands of maps that have been scattered in 28 raid locations and 16 different biomes, each area will feature its own terrain and hidden treasures. Along the way, players will find junk and loot to craft other supplies and weapons. New zombie skins and buildings, new special attacks, and the Screamer Zombie have all been included.

Learn more with the release trailer below:

Mini DayZ 2 Release Trailer

You can learn more with the official website here.

Source: Press Release
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