Mirrors Edge 2 Cancelled

Mirrors Edge 2 Cancelled

Earlier today some reported surfaced that EA is canceling Mirror’s Edge 2. I had figured it would be this way EA took a chance on the game and while it was enjoyable it did not sell as well as they wanted. It is really hard to make something new and interesting in todays market so EA just didn’t want to risk it.That being said a lot of people thought the Mirror’s Edge was much to hard. The controls in my opinion just were no precise enough for the type of game it was. I enjoy some good ole parkour game play but I often though a jump I didn’t make should of been made. I actually broke a sixaxis controller during the game. So to break it down it was to difficult, didn’t have good enough controls and had no multiplayer.

Still if they had mad Mirror’s Edge 2 all of that could of been fixed. Guess we will never know now. Adieu Mirror’s Edge.

Johnny Hurricane

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