Miyamoto Teases New Nintendo Franchise

It’s a common thought among the Gamers Heroes staff that Nintendo needs to put out more new games for the Wii U. Articles all around the net are calling for the death of Nintendo and the Wii U, which is rediculous, but let us humor them for a second. It is true that the Wii U does not have a lot of titles for it. Thankfully, in a Kotaku interview, Miyamoto, the mind behind Mario, Star Fox, Legend of Zelda and many other Nintendo franchises seems to think it may be time for a new franchise. [pullquote]Next Spring, with the release of Mario Kart 8, we’ll have a general selection available, so I’ve been thinking it would be a good time to bring out a new franchise. – Miyamoto[/pullquote]

A new I.P. would be huge for the Wii U coming after spring. There already is a strong push from Nintendo first party titles. Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Breeze, Pikmin 3, Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros. and The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker remake is already an intimating lineup that will sell a decent amount of consoles. Adding a new I.P. will just push the Nintendo hardcore to go crazy.

While others have been singing the praises of the Wii U’s death it feels like this could be the push to make the Wii U relevant again. Honestly, it feels to me like the same thing that happened to the 3DS. If you will remember, many people, including myself, talked about how the mobile market has effected the handheld video game market. However as soon as Mario and Mario Kart came out on the 3DS, along with ports of Zelda and Starfox, along with a price cut the 3DS boomed into the market. These first party titles for the Wii U could be the push that does the same thing.

We will try to follow up with Nintendo and see if we can learn anything else about the new title. For all things video games, make sure to keep your mouse pointers on Gamers Heroes.

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