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Modern Warfare 3: Knife Kills

 Modern Warfare 3 Knife Kills
Modern Warfare 3 is filled with weapons, some of which require great skill and precise aiming, others that take practically no skill at all. Then there’s the knife, a weapon in a league of its own among game weapons. Some call it skill, others call it luck, ever since the introduction of the knife in Call of Duty games, there’s been an abundance of videos that show some outrageous kills.

The latest video, for Modern Warfare 3, is about as outrageous as they come. During the video a player throws a random knife over a building, it then bounces off an osprey onto an unsuspecting victim below, one who just happens to be trying to guard care packages at the same time.

Pretty harsh eh? This next video shows a collection of long range knife kills from a player that seems to have it on lockdown. Not only does he demonstrate several knife kills using the same tactic but the tactic itself appears to be very difficult. Watch the 2nd kill and you’ll get what I mean.

The next selection of videos is becoming quite the hit with Modern Warfare 3 players. Straight Up Knives decided to release a weekly top 5 kills for throwing knives. This ones his first video so it’s not spectacular as many people didn’t submit with the theater mode but there’s 5 awesome knife kills in this one.

That’s not all. This next video hosts a top 5 for next the week, most of them are pretty standard, well standard for total flukes but the last one is arguably the greatest throwing knife kill of all time. Not only does he throw it half way across the map but he nets a triple kill as well. I won’t give to much away but watch the video, what do you think happens for him to kill 3 enemies with 1 throwing knife?

So that’s our collection of some of the top throwing knife kills for Modern Warfare 3. Videos like the above have started ranting on every FPS forum around, people are convinced that there’s some kind of extra mechanic for the throwing knives that makes them actually seek out enemies to kill. Watching the videos you can clearly see knives that bounce off rooftops, curve slightly or even turn corners to get their target. There’s nothing official on it yet but with the amount of people up in arms, there’s bound to be something mentioned sooner or later.

What are your thoughts? Do you have a video you’d like to see shown here? Leave a comment

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