Mojang vs. Bethesda

Mojang vs. Bethesda
Markuss Persson (AKA. Notch, the creator of Minecraft) has released on his twitter that Mojang will be going to court with Bethesda, regarding the name of Mojangs upcoming game “Scrolls”, or as Notch put it on his twitter : “The Scrolls case is going to court! Weee! :D”

Bethesda, creator of Elder Scrolls, is suing Mojang because the name “Scrolls” is very similar to “Elder scrolls” and Bethesda thinks that gamers will confuse the both and purchase the wrong game. Notch offered to settle this lawsuit with a game of Quake 3. He said that if Mojang won Bethesda had to drop the lawsuit, but if Bethesda won, Mojang would change the name of their game. Sadly, Bethesda did not reply and instead decided to send Mojang to court.

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