Monster Hunter: World Beta, Horizon: Zero Dawn DLC Detailed

Monster Hunter World - Gamers Heroes
Capcom announced today that there will be a beta for Monster Hunter: World starting December 9.

The beta, which will go from December 9-12, is exclusive to PlayStation Plus users on the PlayStation 4. Those participating in the beta can fight the Great Jagras, a scavenger capable of swallowing other monsters whole, or the Anjanath. Both of these creatures roam the dense and complex eco-system found in the Ancient Forest. Players can also venture out to the desert land of the Wildspire Waste where the armored Barroth is located.

Also announced today was the game’s Horizon: Zero Dawn DLC. Players can don Aloy’s bow and full armor set, as well as Palico armor. This armor set will make any player character look like Aloy, including facial likeness. There will also be a Horizon: Zero Dawn collaboration event quest post-launch.

You can view the latest trailer below:

Monster Hunter: World | PGW 2017 Trailer |PS4

The game will come out for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 26, 2018. It will come out for the PC on a later date.

Source: Press Release

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