Move Aside Sony – Nintendo Are Making A White PlayStation 4

Nintendo Releasing White PlayStation 4
While gamers continue to debate who “won” this years E3 Expo there’s only one clear winner in our eyes. It’s Nintendo. Following a shocking reveal in the Los Angeles Times, the media outlet suggested that the giants behind Mario and Donkey Kong will be re-entering the console race with a new white edition of the PlayStation 4. Has anyone told Sony?!?

The newspaper continues its catastrophic fails as it goes on to explain that Bungie will be supporting the efforts of Nintendo as they box up Destiny with the new system deal, serving as ” another nudge for Nintendo fans”.

Head of EA Sports Peter Moore is doing his bit for the industry, urging fans to ensure Sony are aware of this epic development.

As a “journalist” in the gaming industry, I’m no stranger to making mistakes in articles. Occasionally a small typo means we get the release date wrong, or platforms, but I don’t think I have ever personally published a big a fook up as the LA Times. What’s the best way to appeal to the gaming audience? Well I can tell you this, it’s not to claim a rival console developer is releasing a new version of their rivals console.

Source: GameSkinny

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