Myth of Empires – International Vanguard Edition Now Available

Imperium Interactive Entertainment Limited recently announced that Myth of Empires – International Vanguard Edition is now available to purchase after the game was initially removed from Steam due to copyright claims from developers of ARK: Survival Evolved, Studio Wildcard.

Follow the claims from Studio Wildcard, Steam immediately removed the game from its platform. Existing players were still able to log on and play but no new copies were available to buy. Imperium Interactive Entertainment has since launched its own storefront where interested parties can once again purchase the game.

Myth of Empires – International Vanguard Edition Now Available

Myth of Empires – International Vanguard Edition is now available to purchase on the official website for $20.99. Alternatively, a special pack containing three copies is available to buy for $56.67. Accompanying the release of the International Edition is the launch of several new servers.

Alongside the release of the International Vanguard Edition, the team have announced several key features making their debut:

  • New balanced gameplay mode: Skirmish Mode
  • New cloak item: Ink Dragon Cloak
  • New fish pond structure
  • New high-quality buildings
  • New trap: Clay Arrow Wall
  • New mounts: War Elephants

There is also a special launch event that will reward all players with double experience points running from March 4th at 4PM, through to March 6th, at 4PM (PST). Additionally, a unique skin will be given to all players that buy the game during the testing window and Twitch Drop events are currently ongoing, lasting until March 3rd at midnight.

For more information, check out the official store.

Source: Press Release
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