Narrative Sidescroller A Taste of the Past Now Available for Free

An emotional side scroller about reconnecting with your Chinese culture while navigating a train to the afterlife, Sondering Studio’s narrative adventure A Taste of the Past is now available for free on Steam.

In this title, players will take control of shy Chinese-American high school student Mei as they relive moments with both cooking and family. After boarding a train that her ancestors boarded, she sets out to uncover her mother’s traditional noodles while setting out to learn more healing, grief, and self-love.

Gameplay tasks players with gathering ingredients from Mei’s ancestors as they chop vegetables, fry noodles, and wrap soup dumplings. Wrapping everything together is original voice acting, writing, art, and music.

Learn more with the trailer below:

A Taste of the Past Trailer

You can download the game for free on Steam here.

Source: Press Release
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