Narrative Thriller Keyword: A Spider’s Thread Coming September 28

Players will have to use logical deduction, hacking, and social engineering when City From Naught’s narrative thriller Keyword: A Spider’s Thread comes out on September 28.

Players will take control of the father Guo, who needs to use all the tools at his disposal to find his daughter Sala. Set in the near-future of 2048 in a city inspired by Toronto, players will hack into social media and emails, and dive into the dark web to find more information about your daughters’ whereabouts. For those who need a bit more help (or are looking for more of a challenge), three different difficulty settings will be available.

To add to the experience, Seycara Music and Arts performed the emotional soundtrack. Narrative-wise, Future Science Fiction Master Award winner Jiangshan lent his talents to the game.

Learn more with the trailer below:

Keyword: A Spider’s Thread Date Announcement

You can play a demo of the game and add it to your wishlist on Steam here.

Source: Press Kit
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