Need for Speed Payback sports a new story-driven trailer

Need for Speed Payback - Gamers Heroes
EA has just ousted a new narrative-focused trailer for their upcoming game Need for Speed Payback. According to EA, the game will feature a “gripping story of betrayal and revenge.”

The player will assume the roles of Tyler, Mac, and Jess to advance the story. Each of them plays a key role within the plot: Tyler is the Racer, Mac is the Showman, and Jess is the Wheelman. They team up to go against a mighty cartel known as “The House;” responsible for corrupting (and running) the city’s “casinos, criminals and cops.” Players will progress the storyline by competing in “races, missions, and challenges.”

You can view the trailer down below.

Need for Speed Payback Official Story Trailer

Need for Speed Payback will release on November 10 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. It must be noted that it will be available through Origin and not Steam.

Preordering a copy of the game will unlock a Platinum Blue Underglow and Tire smoke.

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