Neverwinter Masquerade of Liars Festival Now Live

Starting today, Neverwinter players will be able to enjoy the Masquerade of Liars festival in the game.

During this event, players will exchange Masquerade Tokens with the Masquerade Vendor in Protector’s Enclave for rewards. These include the Empowered Illusionist’s Mask (which is obtained at Uncommon and can be upgraded to Mythic quality), the Splinters Companion (which is enchanted by mysterious energies), and the Enchanted Broom Mount (filled with dark energies).

Transformation Potions will also be available during this time. These will allow players to become larger, shrink down, or become a chicken or a wolf.

To participate in the event, one simply need visit the Masquerade Master at the event dais in Protector’s Enclave. From there, he’ll explain the daily quests and the rewards available this year. You can scope out the full list of festivities here.

The event will run through November 4 at 7:30am PT.

Source: Press Release
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