New B.I.O.T.A. Demo Now Available

See the 4-color palettes and 8-bit visuals of small bros and Retrovibe’s B.I.O.T.A. firsthand with today’s free demo of the game.

Set in the year 21XX, players will command the Gemini 2 team as they set out to investigate the Frontier Horizon mining colony on an isolated asteroid, which has ceased all communication.

Once there, this unit learns of “the agent,” which can interact with every element of an ecosystem and can take full control of organisms. Players will have to fight more than 40 vicious degenerated monsters like mutated hornets, armed shield sentries, and lethal infecting xenoshifters.

Although the game looks retro, this MetroidVania features modern conveniences like saving anywhere and swapping palettes any time. Players will also have a number of tools at their disposal, including a submarine, a mech, a shuttle, and even the mythical Pegasus.

You can download the demo on Steam here and on GOG here.

The full release will come out later this year.

Source: Press Release
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