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New Batman Arkham Knight Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Batmobile

New Batman Arkham Knight Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Batmobile
After being pushed back a few month, Batman Arkham Knight seems to be on the right track. A new game play video was posted on YouTube that shows off some combat but more importantly, the Batmobile. Check out how the game looks here!

Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile Gameplay

Not sure how deep into the game this is but it must be kind of early if we still don’t know who the main enemy is. Simply dubbed “The Arkham Knight” he has taken over Ace Chemical with the help of Scarecrow. Batman does his thing by rescuing the workers and disarming the bomb left by Scarecrow. After the gate is down Batman hops into his Batmobile and starts fighting some tanks with it. The combat looks pretty smooth and precise which was my biggest worry.

After a rather disappointing Batman Arkham Orgins this game looks more and more promising. Now if we don’t get anymore delays we should see the game this summer. Will you be picking up Batman Arkham Knight? Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts!

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