New CEO in charge of Sony on April 1st

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Kaz Hirai will become the new president and CEO of Sony soon. He is set to start is job on the 1st of April. But what does this mean for us gamers?


Sony itself is much more than just video games. They are of the biggest manufactures of electronics on the planet. Ranging from TVs, camera, computers, blue ray players, PlayStation systems and more. He helped establish the brand of PlayStation back with the original. With his innovative ideas he laid the groundwork to make the PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and eventually the PlayStation 3. With his knowledge of the unending evolution of gaming systems, he can implement these new ideas into other Sony products. His expertise will be enough to implement and eventually connect all the Sony products together, like how the PlayStation can go with the PlayStation Portable, or Vita soon. Hopefully Sony will see major improvements in marketing sales and other things. Since Kaz Hirai has a years of experience and success with the PlayStation brand, Sony customers should look forward to how Sony as a whole will change probably for the better.


For gamers this will bring hope that the next generation of gaming will be even greater than we expect. We all wish Kaz Hirai the best of luck as the new CEO of Sony.


Blaine Smith

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