New Cycle Gameplay Overview Released

Core Engage and Daedalic Entertainment’s post-apocalyptic survival city-builder New Cycle is almost here, entering Early Access on January 18 – get ready with the new gameplay overview for the title.

Taking control as the leader of a group of survivors, New Cycle will have players emerging from a global catastrophe caused by devastating solar flares. With players tasked with rebuilding civilization, they’ll have to make the most of one’s settler inhabitants.

Throughout this diesel punk-inspired city-builder, survival is at the forefront of everything players do. New challenges – including fluctuations in morale, disease outbreaks, power losses, and resource demands – all test one’s abilities and require careful planning.

With each new level of technological advancement in New Cycle’s one’s possibilities expand. However, this also brings with it the demands and risks inherent in the task of rebuilding.

No matter what you do, the key to success in New Cycle comes from recognizing the well-being and health of one’s workforce in production planning.

See New Cycle for yourself with the 12-minute official gameplay overview trailer for the game below:

NEW CYCLE | Official Gameplay Overview Video

All those interested can wishlist the game on the official New Cycle Steam page, and players can learn more about this title via the official New Cycle website.

Source: Press Release
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