New Details Emerge on Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Nintendo has made some interesting revelations for all Pokemon fans expecting Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon.

These juicy details have to do with elusive Pokemon Necrozma. This creature will take on two forms depending on how you progress each game, but specifically depending on which of the two legendary Pokemon you decide to catch; Solgaleo or Lunala, the mysterious Necrozma will become either Dark Mane Necrozma or Dark Wings Necrozma respectively.

Dark Mane Necrozma is a psychic/steel type, and Dark Wings Necrozma is a psychic/ghost type Pokemon. Moreover, Necrozma will perform exclusive moves such as Photon Geyser, which “engulfs the target in a pillar of light and compares the user’s Attack and Sp. Atk stats, dealing damage to the opponent according to whichever is higher.” Interesting enough, depending on which legendary you choose, Necrozma will learn a modified version of that creature’s attack. For instance, if you have a Solgaleo that knows Sunsteel Strike, Necrozma will learn a move called Searing Sunraze. Additionally, the Rotom Dex is set to return, and bonding with it will unlock new items, exp. Points, and pave the new to more random Pokemon encounters in the field.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon will launch on November 17, 2017 for the Nintendo 3DS.

Source: Press Release


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