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New Devil May Cry Screens

Devil May Cry Header
Less than a week away from the upcoming release of Devil May Cry, the people over at Capcom have released brand new screen shots of an old mode returning to the DmC franchise. The upcoming game will have the Bloody Palace mode that will keep players coming back for more after completing the main campaign. After finishing the campaign, a boss rush like game mode will open up. Players will then take on bosses and demons in over 100 different levels. Players will slash their way through these levels and stack up their progress against their friends on global leader boards. Check out the screen shots below for more!

DmC Bloody Palace Mode Screens

DmC Devil May Cry will launch on January 15th on the Xbox 360 and PS3. The PC version will come out later in January on the 25th. Do the screen shots get you excited for the game? Are you picking up the newest edition to the Devil May Cry franchise? Hit us up in the comments below! Don’t forget, if you do get stuck on this mode, check out our DmC Devil May Cry Bloody Palace guide that will be coming shortly after launch!

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