New E3 Trailer For Deep Down Is Nothing Short Of Awesome

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Contrary to what many believe about Capcom’s upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, Deep Down, it will indeed have a single-player mode as highlighted in the latest trailer for the highly anticipated title. Although the game was originally announced as an online title the developers thought it would appeal to a wider audience if they implemented a feature that would cater towards more solo based gamers.

For those that feel the threshold of the online gaming experience is still a little too high they will have the opportunity to begin their journey in Deep Down through a single-player experience – offering ample opportunity to get to grips with the game in preparation for joining the online multiplayer experience. Once comfortable they can join up to 3 other players in online modes, hopefully creating a higher skilled base line for competitive players.

The latest trailer from E3 has been released, providing a brief insight into the single player experience and the backdrop of story that supports it.

Source: OnlySP

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