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New Evolve Trailer Teaches You How To Survive

New Evolve Trailer Teaches You How To Survive
Evolve is only a few weeks away and today we got another trailer for the game. This time we get a survival guide trailer that shows us how to win with the monster or the hunters. Check out the trailer and get some details here!

Evolve Survival Tips

The tips aren’t anything ground breaking but if you don’t know them you will lose.

As the Hunters you have to work together with your team. As the assault class your job is to damage the Monster as much as possible. The medics job is to keep his team alive and try to stay out of the line of fire of the Monster. The Trapper puts down traps to track and locate the Monster and to slow him down. Lastly the support buffs his teammates and uses heavy weapons to damage the Monster. If you combine the four you shouldn’t have to many issues taking down the Monster.

The Monster starts of pretty weak so his main objective is to evolve as soon as possible. Fighting the Hunters at level one will likely get you killed. If you Evolve you can level up your moves and you get more health and armor. If you can get to level 3 before the Hunters take you down you can become a one man army.

The trailer can be seen down below if you want some more details. So will you be picking up Evolve? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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