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New Game Mode Available in Halo 4

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The developers at 343 Studios have an interesting plan to keep Halo 4 fans playing the new game. The new game mode is called Spartan Ops. Spartan Ops will be an episodic campaign that can be played through single player, co-op with friends or with others online through matchmaking. The new Spartan Ops will be like mini episodes that are released multiple times a week. Kind of like the challenge modes that were in reach, these episodes will keep coming for months after the game is released. These mini 15 minute episodes will take place 6 months after the campaign having players going through old areas after the effects of the story. The best part of this new game mode, all of the content will be released free of charge from what I can tell.

I feel that this is a really smart move by 343. The challenge modes kept me playing Halo Reach way after the campaign was over. The new game mode will also give the company an interesting way to keep forwarding a story. They will be able to try out different story ideas to see what the community likes moving into squeals. The game mode will also keep used copies from becoming so readily available. People will be less likely to sell the game back quickly if they know new content is coming soon for free. 343 seems to have a player focused alternative to box codes and other methods of blocking used games sales.

Hopefully more information will be made available soon for Spartan Ops. What do you guys think? Is this a smart move for 343? Is this game mode something you would want to play? Hit us up in the comments.

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