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New Game Tuesday: Kingdom Hearts 3D


It’s new game Tuesday! New game Tuesday is a weekly editorial in which Gamers Heroes highlights a game we either just picked up or have been playing obsessively. From new games to retro, New Game Tuesday is a weekly dose of interesting for your eye holes. This week we are playing a new release, Kingdom Hearts 3D.

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance BoxFans of the series have waited quite a while for this new update in the Kingdom Hearts story. In this game players will follow Sora and Riku as they try to finish their Mark of Mastery exam to become true Keyblade Masters. Players must awaken old forces that are keeping lands separated and go through 7 lands killing dream eaters, or evil creatures that were born from darkness. Players will also be able to collect dream eaters in their journey to aid them. The story, like in past games, will mash up Disney and Final Fantasy characters for what looks like a great mobile adventure.

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Although the story elements may be familiar, there are some new mechanics introduced in this iteration of the Kingdom Hearts Series. One of the new mechanics is called “flow-motion” and is supposed to help advanced players really take the upper hand in battle and also in ground traversal. Using certain walls, objects, enemies and other things in the environment players can fling themselves around at high speeds. This new mechanic has changed the battle system, that if we were all honest, needed an overhaul. Also Kingdom Hearts 3D is a mobile game so moving quickly with flow-motion to get to a stop point is important.

Although the game is portable there seems to be a ton of content. The lock on system will help players on a mobile platform battle effectively. For those of the 3DS owners that are lucky enough to own the Circle Pad Pro, or the boat, attachment they will have a small advantage over those who do not. They will be able to control the camera much more effectively than those who do not have the Circle Pad Pro. With the attachment of a second stick Kingdom Hearts players will probably feel more at home so it may be a good idea to pick on up from Gamestop.

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