New Game Tuesday: NCAA ’13


It’s new game Tuesday! New game Tuesday is a weekly editorial in which Gamers Heroes highlights a game we either just picked up or have been playing obsessively. From new games to retro, New Game Tuesday is a weekly dose of interesting for your eye holes. This week we are playing a new release, NCAA Football ’13.

277-300x225NCAA Football ’13 is another installment in the yearly NCAA Football franchise. Where most years the new iteration is usually a pass for me this year is a little bit different. There are a ton of new features and presentation that are taking the series to the next level. Maybe this year will be the year where people don’t call NCAA Madden’s little brother.

One of the new additions to the NCAA ’13 gameplay is an improved passing pocket. Quarterbacks, football fans and newbies alike will be able to have a better experience with a more realistic game. The wide receivers will no longer have sticky hands that find the ball. Wide receivers will now have to be looking for the ball for a completed pass. The defense has also been overhauled with a better reacting AI that actually flows in a dynamic way with different coverages.

They have also upgraded the Dynasty mode from past games. The scouting and recruiting have been made to be more engrossing. Grades and probabilities of recruiting change every week based on your Dynasties performance. The performance can also be tracked in game with a ESPN like ticker that scrolls across the bottom in game. There also is some nonsense about pitches but the end thought to take away from Dynasty is that it has become more expansive.

There is a new game mode that was added this year. Heisman Challenge has players playing as memorable Heisman winning athletes and competing with their actual records. See familiar faces like Doug Flutie and Barry Sanders as you compete to unlock their abilities in Road to Glory.

In Road to Glory players will experience being a football star differently than in past games. There is a new feature called Reaction Time which turns out is like bullet time but for sports. This features slows down time to allow you to make very deliberate jukes and moves to extend the play even farther than before. I can’t wait to unlock Barry Sanders and try out this new style of play.

Are you guys playing NCAA Football ’13? Hit us up in the comments and let us know!

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