New Game Tuesday: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy


It’s new game Tuesday! New game Tuesday is a weekly editorial in which Gamers Heroes highlights a game we either just picked up or have been playing obsessively. From new games to retro, New Game Tuesday is a weekly dose of interesting for your eye holes. This week we are playing a new release, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.


Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is a rhythm game for the Nintendo 3DS. The new rhythm game from Square Enix completely caters to the Final Fantasy fan base while at the same time celebrating the series 25th year anniversary. Songs from Final Fantasy I-XIII are all in the game with special battle, field, event and special music sequences. The game also has a hearty line up of DLC songs that can be purchased later.

The game has multiple play modes as well. The story campaign has players managing tons of heroes from the Final Fantasy Franchise. Battle sequences have players choosing four of their favorite characters to equip items and level up. The difficulty ranges heavily so that a wide range of players, young and old fans, can have a good time and be challenged.

After playing and leveling up characters in the main story there will be a option for a museum mode. This mode allows players to not only go back and play favorite sections of the game, but also to experience videos and songs from the 25 year span of the franchise. These unlockables are addicting and have me obsessed with collecting everything I can find! Plus seeing footage from the original games in a beloved franchise in the original Japanese language is just plain fascinating.

Even though Theatrhythm is probably not the exact style of Final Fantasy game fans are looking for it should be one that is on your radar. The game play is addicting and the features are actually pretty full fledged. Plus there are tons of collectibles and downloadable content that will extend game play time. I do wish the RPG elements of the game where fledged out a little bit more. The game is an interesting offshoot that Final Fantasy fans and rhythm gamers will love.

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