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New Gears of War Game Announced

Dom and the crew will be back at E3

The new Game Informer cover in July shows a picture of some characters from the Gears of War franchise with handcuffs on the center character. Earlier in the year there where hints that there would eventually be a new Gears of War game through interviews with Cliff Bleszinski. Now the new Game Informer cover has confirmed a new game and that more information will be available at E3. If you look really closely in the background there are pictures of the locust so it is safe to assume players will still be fighting a known enemy.

Game Informer cover for new Gears game.
The crew will be back?

Maybe it will be a prequel during the first contact wars we have heard about so much? The team already did do a small DLC pack that brought players back that way. What do you guys think will be the next Gears of War game? are you excited for it? Hit us up in the comments!

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