New GTA Online Update Coming this December

The next major update for Rockstar Games’ GTA Online is slated to release this December.

Players will be able to enter a world of stealing, stripping, and selling with their new Salvage Yard business. Liberty City real estate mogul developer Yusuf Amir (from The Ballad of Gay Tony) demands only the finest vehicles, giving players to partake in action-packed Vehicle Robberies.

An all new specialize Drift Race series will allow for new drifting modification for select vehicles. A series of new circuits will make their appearance, while a visit to the LS Car Meet allows for a drift tuning modification that brings this action to Freemode.

Other tweaks include the addition of Wildlife in Freemode. Animals can now be spotted around Southern San Andreas landscape across the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S versions of the game. Those on these consoles will also be able to organize and manage vehicle collections through the Interaction Menu as part of this update.

Players can also expect a number of festive surprises to ring in the holiday season.

For those who want to get into the weeds, the following updates will also make their appearance (list courtesy of Rockstar Games):
– A newly streamlined Interaction menu for easier navigation
– Increased LS Car Meet Reputation points for competing in Pursuit and Street Races
– New Specification Service at the LS Car Meet, allowing drivers to now purchase copies of another player’s Personal Vehicle on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC
– Custom description tags for each floor of the Eclipse Blvd. Garage
– Console voice chat now defaults to “Off”
– A small birthday gift for all players on their character’s birthday

Source: Press Release
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