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New Heroes Found In Star Wars Battlefront Beta Files

New Heroes Found In Star Wars Battlefront Beta Files
We all knew that there were more heroes in Star Wars Battlefront not to be announced yet. Some people went digging around in the Beta Files and happened to find a few new ones. Check out the details here!

New Heroes Found In Star Wars Battlefront Beta Files

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These files were posted here on Reddit. The new heroes they found were Leia, The Emperor and Han Solo (kind of expected him). Here is what they posted for those of you who want to check for yourself.

[testimonials user=” email=” name=’TheeUberMedic – Reddit User’ photo=”] If you are on PC, find the location of the folder which is in program files, origin games, and battlefront, click on the data folder, then the win32 folder. Once in there, there will be a file called, “characters.sb” after doing some searching, opening it with notepad, You can search for heroes by clicking Ctrl+F,

This is the list of all the heroes so far Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and Boba Fett.

Han Solo (search solo in that character.sb folder) – File directors in the notepad are proof enough sound/vo/heroes/hansolo

Han is also in this file with Boba – /sw01_vo_heroes_hansolo_auto_inworld_killsbobafett

And finally in this file, along side a new Game mode – _rebel_gm_herohunt_radio_hansolospawn

Princess Leia proof – _gm_herohunt_radio_leiadefeated sound/vo/heroes/leia/sw01_vo_heroes_leia_auto_inworld_killsvader

The Emperor proof – sound/vo/heroes/emperor/sw01vo_heroes_emperor_auto_inworld sw01_vo_heroes_emperor_auto_inworld_forcepower1[/testimonials]

TheeUberMedic is the user who seems to have found most of this, so credit to him!

There could be more not in the files yet, or they could come as DLC. I expected a Chewie or Lando hero but no go yet.

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  1. Shouldn’t EA had advertised the hell out of these Heroes if they were present.
    Now assuming they are indeed present, this makes me wonder whether they will be DLCs ?

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