New Mario & Luigi RPG Announced

mario and luigi dream team
Today during a Nintendo Direct Nintendo announced that there is going to be a brand new game in the Mario & Luigi RPG series. This new game will be titled Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and will be a full retail title for the Nintendo 3DS. The game will take place partially inside Luigi’s head while he is in a dream state. You will have to interact with Luigi’s face as he sleeps on the bottom screen to change the environment that Mario is in while he is inside Luigi’s dreams. I pulled a few screens to share with you guys from the Nintendo Direct announcement.

As I said before, the game will take place partially in Luigi’s dreams. The demo showed during the Nintendo Direct showed a bright yellow character acting as your stylus point. Touching the screen would activate the character, making the grab and “play tricks” on Luigi as he slept. One of the more interesting mechanics seems to be the ability of Luigi to act as a super hero character because it is in his dreams. A couple of the screen shots show him multiplying himself to take on multiple enemies or to tackle the environment around himself and Mario. Look for the next installment in the Mario & Luigi RPG series to be out this summer.

Are you guys excited for a new Mario & Luigi RPG game? Let us know in the comments below! We would love to hear your feedback on whether or not this game excites you.

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