New MK1 Trailer Introduces General Shao And Sindel

During Gamecom 2023 a new Mortal Kombat 1 trailer was dropped that showed off General Shao and Sindel. We also get a bit of story and see young Raiden in action against the pair of them in kombat.

New MK1 Trailer Introduces General Shao And Sindel

Check out the new trailer right here.

General Shao is the first one we see in action, and he seems like a slow-moving, bruiser type of fighter with a massive axe. He would rather go to war than serve under Liu Kang.

Then we see fan favorite Sindel in action, using her hair to beat on Shao. The big surprise was the fact that Mataro was her assist partner. He came in and checked on Shao as well.

We also get a glimpse at the younger version of Raiden in action. As usual, there is lots of lightning and warping around when Raiden is in the battle. Eventually, it cuts to all of them fighting one another with some special moves being used, even a Sindel fatality in the end.

So it looks like all the champions of Earth realm get baited into Outworld for the tournament, and that’s how the game starts. Fighter’s gotta fight, I guess.

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