New Obey I-Wagen This Week in GTA Online

The Obey I-Wagen is now available for purchase in Rockstar Games’ GTA Online at Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

For those looking for a little extra this week, take advantage of Double GTA$ and RP for securing Dr. Dre’s stolen music in The South Central Leak Finale. Players can also get Double GTA$ and RP on Hardest Target and Triple GTA$ and RP on all Simeon Contact Missions, including Premium Deluxe Repo Work.

There will also be a GTA$200K Bonus for those that unlocked and purchased an Agency Weapon Finish from the Agency’s Armory by completing Payphone Hits, Short Trips, and helping Dr. Dre handle his data leak.

Make sure to swing by The Diamond Casino & Resort as well – The Declasse Drift Tampa is this week’s top prize at the Lucky Wheel. Meanwhile, this Week’s Prize Ride is the Karin Calico GTF, which can be scored by those who come out on top in a Pursuit Series race five days in a row. For those looking for new wheels, The Karin Previon, Emperor Vectre, and the Pfister Comet S2 are this week’s test rides.

Discount-wise, players can take 30% off both the cost of upgrading an Agency with an Armory, and the exclusive weaponry within the Armory. Vehicle discounts this week include 60% off MTL Wastelander, 50% off Nagasaki Blazer Aqua and the Annis Elegy Retro Custom, 40% off Progen Itali GTB/GTB Custom, the Invetero Coquette D10, JoBuilt Hauler Custom, Brute Armored Boxville, HVY Barrage, along with 30% off the Emperor Vectre.

Finally, those that connect their Rockstar Social Club account with their Prime Gaming account will receive a GTA$100K bonus for playing any time this week.

Source: Press Release
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