New Update for Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter Now Available

Developer Iron Wolf Studio and publisher Daedalic Entertainment announced that a new update for Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter is now available.

The following updates are coming to the game as part of the “Ambush” update:

– New ‘ambush’ battle variant is now available with a modified opening cutscene
– New Interview with Iron Wolf Studio’s ASW expert has been included in the supporter pack
– Quality of life improvements and bug fixes on the DRT station (e.g. auto-plot now resumes instantly following change of scale)
– U-boat dive/surface speed has been reduced
– Air support is now more successful at suppressing U-boats

Note that a new update is planned for Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter that will improve the depth charge system.

The game is now available for the PC with a 25% discount from now through November 22.

Source: Press Release
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