New World’s Fall Nightveil Hallow Event Coming October 18

Something spooky this way comes – Amazon Games announced that New World’s Fall Nightveil Hallow event will kick off October 18.

Running through November 14, this seasonal event tasks players with banishing the shadowy demon back to the darkness. One will be able to join large groups of Adventurers to defeat Baalphazu for new armor pieces (5 times daily), costumes (3 times daily), and Ichor.

Players can also customize their appearance with new unique costumes. Included are Captain Thorpe, Adiana, Anubian Reaver, and Lost Monarch.

According to System Designer Joel Clift:

“Thematically costumes were very fitting for Nightveil. Personally I look forward to role playing as Thorpe in the open world and murdering a few denizens of Aeternum. Costumes also open up many doors to create even more memorable interactions in the future.”Joel Clift

Of course, what’s Halloween without candy? New World’s Fall Neightveil Hallow event will let players trick-or-treat for new candy rewards. These have a chance to contain new Baalphazu armor pieces (10% chance), 2 Nightveil Tokens (3 times daily), and even some sweet treats in the form of candy. For the ambitious among us, items marked with daily limits will reset at 5am in one’s local time.

Finally, new event shop rewards include the following:
– Basket of Treats Housing Item
– Chiropetera’s Cowl Cowl (Helm Skin)
– Druid’s Headdress (Helm Skin)
– Necromancer’s Crown (Helm Skin)
– Crone Visage (Helm Skin)
– Throne of the Hollow (Furniture Item)
– Baalphazu’s Offering (Furniture Item)
– Summoning Circle (Furniture Item)
– Tremble in Fear (Emote)
– Possessed Walk (Joel’s Favorite Emote) – “Walk around like the thing from a bad horror movie”
– Hexed Canopy Tent Skin
– Updated Nightveil Weapon Patterns

Source: Press Release
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